Made in Cire

What is Made in CIRE?

With products Made in CIRE disseminate and enhance prison labor.

With a brand questa the Centre for Reinsertion Initiatives (CIRE) intend to give visibility to the work performed by inmates in the workshops of Catalan prisons.

At the same time they get a second chance for future interns get recognition from society.

CIRE to unite tradition and modernity and have become our emblem fabric Catalan par excellence scarf made bundles.

This piece, popular among generations, now returns and does so in the form of current and versatile accessories such as handbags female chef aprons or covers for tablets. And all this without losing its original spirit based on practicality and comfort.

Made in CIRE and weaving Catalan: Catalan roots and elegance come together.

Product design: MauxI

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